Miswak Club Natural Teeth Whitening Kit

By: on May 25, 2017
  • Miswak Club Natural Teeth Whitening Kit
  • Miswak Club Natural Teeth Whitening Kit
  • Miswak Club Natural Teeth Whitening Kit
$14.99 - $19.99
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Mis-what? Miswak. And not as in, "Mind your own Miswak," or "Let's go Miswak through the backwoods." As in, "Miswak your way to a future smile so bright they gotta wear shades. Miswak, named after the Peelu / Arak tree it's cut from, is a toothbrush that whitens your teeth naturally with its unique chemical composition.

A Miswak toothbrush requires no water or toothpaste to use. Brusha-brusha-brusha its bristles around your teeth and let the following nature-made ingredients set to work on stains, tooth deposits, and halitosis:

  • Natural antiseptics that kill the microorganisms responsible for death breath, mouth ulcers, gum disease, and bleeding gums.
  • Silica, an abrasive material that removes blemishes to whiten teeth.
  • Sodium bicarbonate, also added to standard toothpaste, and another abrasive material activated when you rub the Miswak along your teeth.

Become part of the Miswak Club and you'll get a teeth whitening kit of 2 Miswak sticks and a case for each. Sticks last for approximately 3 weeks apiece, so a kit will keep you pearly for 40 days. Miswak also offers a 120-day money-back guarantee: if you don't see any improvements after 120 days of use, they'll provide a full refund of your Miswak purchases.