Maqoo Regulate Socks

Posted: June 27, 2016
Maqoo Regulate Socks
$10 - $12
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Maqoo is making a play for the title of Fabric of Our Life. First they went linen with underwear to keep you--and your boys--cool. Now they've launched The Regulates: sweat-reducing, temperature-controlling, odor-thwarting everyday socks made of "magic Merino" wool. Check out their crowdfunding campaign to secure a pair of your own here.

Maqoo calls the Regulates' fabric magic because its has the dual power of keeping your feet warm when they're cold, and cool when they're hot for true regulated comfort. Merino wool fibers also have a high concentration of anti-bacterial fatty acids, enabling the socks to regulate sweat and stench factors when you wear them on your morning run...and then to work...and then out to dinner with your girlfriend...and, oh what the heck, on one more run the next morning. The fabric itself is said to feel like a coat of air on your feet. A kiss blown from the Baby Jesus. Really. Damn. Good.

Regulate Socks, true to Maqoo's ethos, are minimalist in design and maximalist in comfort. They will come in both men's and women's sizes, and project backers will have their choice of Low and Crew styles, as well as off-white, gray, or black colors. For more information and to make your pledge, click here through August 11, 2016 to check out the Regulates Kickstarter campaign.

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