Key Titan - Your Keys, Silenced, Organized & Secured

By: on September 12, 2017
  • Key Titan - Your Keys, Silenced, Organized & Secured
  • Key Titan - Your Keys, Silenced, Organized & Secured
  • Key Titan - Your Keys, Silenced, Organized & Secured
  • Key Titan - Your Keys, Silenced, Organized & Secured
  • Key Titan - Your Keys, Silenced, Organized & Secured
  • Key Titan - Your Keys, Silenced, Organized & Secured
$16 - $27
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The Key Titan puts your lock openers on the lockdown. A neat, compact, jingle-free keychain with a carabiner skeleton, the Key Titan series organizes between 5 and 10 keys into a slim and secure block. It won't bounce around or make you sound like the warden's a-comin' when you clip it to a belt loop or bag, and it won't fall into key chaos or poke you in your soft parts if you slip it into your pocket instead. Check out the GIF.

KT5, KT7, and KT10 Key Titans hold up to 5, 7, and 10 keys respectively. All are made of grade 5 titanium. All also have a couple nifty tools built into them - push one of the carabiner gates against a cap and use it as a bottle opener, or tighten up all the loose screws around town with the 1/4" slip wrench at its top end.

To stack and restrain loudmouth keys from clinking the Key Titan KT5 uses a flexible suppression ring, while KT7 and KT10 issues incorporate a third Sweeper gate and larger elastic loop. If you're working out with your Key Titan...or just forced against your will to run after the bus every morning...you have the option of reverse clipping the keychain inside your pocket to put it on an isometric hold as hard as the one you're using to contract your abs. Come on, don't just suck it in, brace it up! Check out loading and key access instructions, plus Key Titan demos here.

The Key Titan seeks crowdfunding on Kickstarter through October 12, 2017. Click here to make your KT5, KT7, or KT10 pledge.

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Aire Self-Flying Robotic Home Assistant

$699 - $749 from Aevena Robotics »

Aire's approach, a robotic home assistant that flies autonomously, is verrrry interesting. Especially considering my first order of business when I catch something flying autonomously around my condo is to swat or Bug-A-Salt...

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The Camping Doughnut

Ooh, a tent that looks like one of those obstacle course tubes I used to crawl through in gym class and the fat kids used to get stuck in crawling through in gym class. The Camping Doughnut, an easily collapsible and...

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The Dadbag Beer Belly Fanny Pack

By: Dadbag »

The Dadbag beer belly fanny pack is right up there with the Sexy Chest Swimsuit in its ability to create a fiesta of discomfort, with a few streamers of sick fascination, before my eyes. The Baby Head Masks used to do...

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Nuada Hand Strength Enhancing Glove

By: Nuada »

It's hard to tell if there's a working prototype of the Nuada glove out there, of if the hand strength enhancement system exists only as a concept with renderings. The video, which would be a terrific place to demonstrate...

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Other People's Face Masks

$9.99 - $11.94 from Amazon »

Get all 4 of Faux Real's Face (of Someone Else) Masks to swap out throughout the night at this year's Halloween party and kill it as Arya Stark or Jaqen H'gar, or maybe just a generic Faceless Man....

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Sick in the Head: The 10 Coolest Motorcycle Helmets

Some people say you're sick in the head for riding a motorcycle. I say you're sick in the head if you're wearing one of these motorcycle helmets. And I mean it in the very, very best sense of the word. Here are my picks...

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Swivel Vision Athletic Training Goggles

$29.99 from Amazon »

I don't know how well Swivel Vision Athletic Training Goggles are at focusing and training athletic vision, but I do know that if the learning curve of wearing them involves getting nailed in the face with a fastball...

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007 Motorized License Plate Masks

$79 - $199.95 from TryDeal »

When and where you use your 007s to play 007 is up to you, but, yes, the motorized license plate masks hide your vehicle's digits at the press of a button and, no, it's probably not a good idea to activate them every...

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TRITON - Human Gills

Diving free of cumbersome tanks and lines, and with an unlimited underwater air supply? That's like...like...making love out of nothing at all. Unfathomable! And although human gills are indeed a ways away from sporting...

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Nightmare Before Christmas Cuckoo Clock

$219.95 from Amazon »

When the clock strikes the hour in the world of The Nightmare Before Christmas it's not a little bird that pops out to tweet Cuckoo! but a little Zero ghost-dog that pops out to the tune of "This Is Halloween." Like the...

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Waterphone - Horror Sound Effects Instrument

$299 from Amazon »

The waterphone. Those who hate scary movies might call it torture for the ears. Those who love them? Will call it their new favorite instrument....

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Face Mask Drink Coasters

$8.81 from Amazon »

Paladone's Face Mask Drink Coasters are a party multi-tool. Use them old school, to hold your sweaty drink so you don't f*ck up the table. Use them new school, as a frisbee projectile to pelt your friend Cornelius, or...