Joker Greeting Musical Prank Cards

Posted: December 09, 2016
  • Joker Greeting Musical Prank Cards
  • Joker Greeting Musical Prank Cards
  • Joker Greeting Musical Prank Cards
  • Joker Greeting Musical Prank Cards
  • Joker Greeting Musical Prank Cards
  • Joker Greeting Musical Prank Cards
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Combine musical greeting cards with those candles that won't blow out...and if you're really mean, a side of Meg Ryan "climaxing" at Katz's Delicatessen in When Harry Met Sally...and then let the Joker go wild. Joker Greeting makes Christmas, birthday, thank you, congrats, baby shower, and any occasion NSFW sex sounds cards that play a little ditty when you open them. And then they play it again. And again.

And 7 more times.

And an hour later, the Joker is still going.

Add 2 more hours to that, and maybe it will start winding down. Maybe.

Once Joker Greeting Cards start spreading their musical cheer, they're typically programmed to continue for over 3 hours. And, like any good prank, there's more. When your recipient politely tries to press the button that started it all to stop the music / sex sounds, things will get a little louder. Again? Louder. Again? The Joker has 4 built-in levels of increasing volume. Like a big fat sloppy wet kiss from the gods of nervous breakdowns.

So how do you make a Joker stop for good? You can wait him out until he gets bored of the joke (i.e., bury the card under the mattress or in a closet until the battery dies.) Or you can resort to violence. A couple swings of a hammer should do the trick.

You can purchase and present Joker Greeting's prank cards yourself, or you can have the company send them anonymously for you. Some even come stuffed with confetti and glitter, which makes its entrance when the recipient tries to rip the card in half to stop the music. You can also opt for a recordable card and gift your favorite poor SOB with 15 seconds of whatever music / sounds you like. (These cards run continuously for 1+ rather than 3+ hours.)

Pre-recorded Joker Greeting Happy Birthday cards play (duh) "Happy Birthday," Christmas cards play "Jingle Bells," thank you cards play (awesomely) the Golden Girls theme, "Thank You for Being A Friend," Congratulations cards play a special "home brewed" song, baby shower curses play the sounds of a crying baby, and the NSFW masterpiece plays this.

Pranksters, revenge-seekers, and all-around jerks out there looking to take the piss on a friend with the self-proclaimed Best Birthday Card Ever can get their hands, and their target's ears, on a Joker here through the company's online store. Special holiday promotions are in effect through December 2016.

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