IRONATE - 3-Minute Brick Oven Pizza on Your Stovetop

By: on October 26, 2017
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IRONATE doesn't just cook brick oven pizza without a brick oven, it cooks it without any oven at all. The IRONATE is a dish of intense heat conduction that needs only 3 minutes and a stovetop - even the glass flattop electric and induction kinds will work - to turn raw dough and cold toppings into a disc of pure crispy-chewy-cheesy-crust love.

No stovetop in the backyard, the weekend cabin, or the middle of the woods? Throw the IRONATE on your grill or secure it over a campfire for some brick oven love and killer pizza pies from anywhere.

The IRONATE is a carbon steel piece of cookware designed to get as hot as commercial pizza ovens in less than 10 minutes. And then cook your homemade pizza from scratch in 3 minutes more. Once pre-heated (it can reach 800+ degrees F) the IRONATE dish and cover radiate their energy into both crust and toppings for fast, even cooking. The bottom of the IRONATE acts like the floor of a wood-fired brick oven, holding as much heat as a few inches of bricks in its 1/4" special steel design.

Each IRONATE is sized to hold a 10" pizza, but can also nestle in veggies, shrimp, and fish for fast, flat-top-style grilling. And if you don't have time to press and toss your own dough, you can use the cooker to crisp up a 10" frozen pizza from the grocery store.

IRONATE orders come with the carbon steel dish and cover, a pair of wooden handles for picking up and transferring the cookware when hot, and a user manual with pizza recipes. Click here to read more about the IRONATE stovetop pizza oven, and to buy one of your own.

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