Invidyo AI-Driven Child Monitor

Posted: July 12, 2016
$99 - $199
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Never miss a smile again. Invidyo takes child monitoring to the next level with artificial intelligence-driven technology that doesn't just give you live visuals and audio of what your Mini Me is up to, it detects and records important moments in his or her activity, and then compiles them into a 2-minute daily highlight reel. Invidyo is like ESPN for childcare. You won't have to tune in constantly to the live feed, or sift through hours of recorded video to see if something significant happened.

One of Invidyo's most Mama-and-Pop-pleasing AI powers is its smile recognition feature. Whenever the monitor sees your kiddo crack one, it takes a snapshot. Similarly, if s/he starts crying, the monitor will take note, and send you an alert. The smart system also packs in a host of additional valuable parental features, such as:

  • FamilyID. Invidyo uses face recognition to identify your child, their caretakers, and the rest of the family.
  • Stranger Alert. Notifies you if somebody unknown is in your home.
  • Quality of Life Monitoring. Detects smoke and monitors temperature and humidity in your baby's environment.
  • Two-Way Communication. Enables you to talk to or soothe your baby right from your mobile phone.
  • Auto Lullaby Player. Lets you play Jr.'s favorite lullaby automatically when crying or another loud noise is detected.

Ready for your own Invidyo smart childcaster and household anchorman? Click here to back the AI monitor's Kickstarter campaign through August 2, 2016.

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