How to Do Miracle Card Tricks

Posted: June 28, 2016

For those new to magic, Ellusionist's Adam Wilber and Peter McKinnon lay out the full rundown of the fundamentals you'll need to drop jaws and win 'em over at a party, in a bar, on the street, or in the middle of your next Tinder date when she hesitates to answer your only important question: "Wanna Netflix & chill?" How to Do Miracle Card Tricks is a 2-DVD download that provides step-by-step teachings on over 40 card handling techniques and 5 simple and simply O-face-making miracle card routines.

Four suits and a thirst for knowledge are all you'll need to dig into How to Do Miracle Card Tricks, which Ellusionist calls "a veritable encyclopedia of card magic." Wilber and McKinnon break down each technique to its individual sleights and flourishes so you'll master not only every detail of the trick, but its presentation too. Ensuring you the performer are as charming as your cards' performance.

Aaaand if you don't quite get a thing or three the first time, you can always rewind.

How to Do Miracle Card Tricks unravels the Second Choice, Dr. Daley's Last Trick, Waving the Aces, Two Card Monte, and Ambitious Card routines. Disc download 1 of the DVD covers the 40 card handling basics and establishes a general foundation for card magic. You'll learn techniques such as Mechanic's Grip. Double Undercut. Faro Shuffle. Le Paul Spread. Disc download 2 then delves into the routines themselves.

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