How to Be a Magician

By: on November 07, 2016
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Ellusionist Disclaimer: the How to Be a Magician DVD set and box o' trick-amping props is "not guaranteed to get you phone numbers." I'll add a wink, wink to that. Come on. Who doesn't want to chill with the magician? Explore all the tricks up his sleeve and down his...top hat? And despite its debut as a Kickstarter campaign, How to Be a Magician says it will also magically appear at your doorstep before Christmas, so pledging for one now could make for a very enchanting New Year's Eve. If not for you, then maybe as a gift for your struggling cousin Ricky.

Dude. I really thought college and dorm life would teach Ricky some skills. Or at least expand his pool of accessible women to include someone willing to tolerate his doofdom.

Click here to teleport over to Ellusionist's Kickstarter page and become a backer with a mere flick of your mouse.

The How to Be a Magician training package breaks down 47 tricks into step-by-step, visual instructions anyone can follow and execute. Creator Ellusionist is also manufacturing a box of portable props tailored specifically to their pair of DVDs for budding entertainers to carry with them and use in performances both planned and impromptu.

A few of How to Be a Magician's 47 tricks:

  • How to bite a coin in half, and then blow it back together
  • How to make ink disappear and animate
  • How to pull a silk from a "hole" in the middle of your hand
  • How to vanish a cigarette
  • How to make objects move without touching them
  • How to teleport items into someone's hand
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Pyro - Open Palm Fireball Shooter


Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. I know because only Santa could make a hidden wristband that allows me to launch fireballs from my open palm, and only Santa could make it available for my mama to purchase for me...

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Pyro Mini Fireball Shooter

$147 from Ellusionist »

Shooting fireballs from your empty hands just got a sleeker, slyer, more compact upgrade. Ellusionist, by way of magician Adam Wilber, introduced the original Pyro open-palm fireball shooter around this time last year....

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D'Lite Magic Light Trick

$23.95 from Amazon »

You won't mind being all thumbs with a pair of D'Lite Magic Lights on them. Sure, they're an old standard in any magician's bag of tricks, but I bet they'll still wow a room full of today's youth, a generation of gamers...

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Levitating CUP Zero Gravity Drinkware

$139 - $249 from Levitating CUP »

We've seen levitation around here before. A lot. In speakers. In lamps. In freakin' bonsai trees. But the Levitating CUP still makes me Ooooh and Ahhhh because, well, it contains alcohol. In a dazzling an

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Flaming Fire Wallet Magic Trick

$10.99 from Amazon »

Nevermind the girl, this wallet's on fi-re! / This wallet's on fi-re-erer-erer. / Looks like a bi-fold, but it's in flames / Ashed my cash, melted all my cards / Guess you'll have to pay....

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Book of Things Better Than Boobs

Sold Out from Amazon »

Part of me wants to tell you what's inside the Book of Things Better Than Boobs so you'll get why it's so brilliant, but part of me wants to let you find out for yourself so you'll experience why it's so brilliant. I...

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Dragon's Breath Pyro Trick Powder

$16.99 from Amazon »

Been looking for the perfect Halloween costume...for your shotgun? I don't think Dragon's Breath Powder promotes itself as the ideal filling for 12-gauge ammo, but there's clearly no stopping resourceful minds with too...

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Pure Smoke

$147 from Ellusionist »

More mysterious than how Pure Smoke works or what it's made of is why the spontaneous appearance of smoke is so cool. In other contexts, such as while baking, performing basic electrical upgrades, or 10 miles into your...

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Tempo Drop Weather Forecaster

$79 - $94 from GNR 8 »

Tempo Drop is a stylized version of storm glass. Or if, like me, you don't know what the Orville Redenbacher a storm glass is either, then the Tempo Drop is a stylized weather forecaster. The sealed glass container holds...

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Qore Performance Hydration Shirt

$143.91 - $179 from Amazon »

What I would like Qore's Hydration Shirt to do is osmosis water through my skin from tiny little reservoirs housed in its bicep, triceps, shoulders, and abs--sized and shaped to looked like the ripped results of my own...

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3D Door Wraps

Sold Out from Amazon »

What's behind Door #3? Who cares? I'm more interested in the gateway to Renaissance Italy that's in front of it. You can keep your endless cascade of entryways over rickety wood floors though, Windowpix. That American...

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Polymagnets - Programmable Smart Magnets

I'm not a science geek--and by that I mean I'm not smart enough to be a science geek--but for those of you who are, give the magicians behind Polymagnets about 10 minutes, and they will blow your minds....