How to Be a Magician

Posted: November 07, 2016
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Ellusionist Disclaimer: the How to Be a Magician DVD set and box o' trick-amping props is "not guaranteed to get you phone numbers." I'll add a wink, wink to that. Come on. Who doesn't want to chill with the magician? Explore all the tricks up his sleeve and down his...top hat? And despite its debut as a Kickstarter campaign, How to Be a Magician says it will also magically appear at your doorstep before Christmas, so pledging for one now could make for a very enchanting New Year's Eve. If not for you, then maybe as a gift for your struggling cousin Ricky.

Dude. I really thought college and dorm life would teach Ricky some skills. Or at least expand his pool of accessible women to include someone willing to tolerate his doofdom.

Click here to teleport over to Ellusionist's Kickstarter page and become a backer with a mere flick of your mouse.

The How to Be a Magician training package breaks down 47 tricks into step-by-step, visual instructions anyone can follow and execute. Creator Ellusionist is also manufacturing a box of portable props tailored specifically to their pair of DVDs for budding entertainers to carry with them and use in performances both planned and impromptu.

A few of How to Be a Magician's 47 tricks:

  • How to bite a coin in half, and then blow it back together
  • How to make ink disappear and animate
  • How to pull a silk from a "hole" in the middle of your hand
  • How to vanish a cigarette
  • How to make objects move without touching them
  • How to teleport items into someone's hand
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