HK2 Covert Universal Handcuff Key

By: on April 12, 2017
  • HK2 Covert Universal Handcuff Key
  • HK2 Covert Universal Handcuff Key
  • HK2 Covert Universal Handcuff Key
  • HK2 Covert Universal Handcuff Key
  • HK2 Covert Universal Handcuff Key
  • HK2 Covert Universal Handcuff Key
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From TIHK: At this exact moment, literally anyone can hop onto Amazon and purchase a pair of working police-issue handcuffs, no pre-screening or background check necessary. Fortunately, a few clicks of your own can put the TIHK HK2 (handcuff key 2) in your pocket and make sure you're prepared for the worst.

TIHK stands for Tiny Inconspicuous Handcuff Key, and at a diminutive 0.8" long the HK2 lives up to its moniker. Clipping one onto your belt loop or that tiny inner jean pocket adds a powerfully useful dimension to your EDC without taking up valuable real estate in your wallet or on your keyring. It blends in effortlessly with your clothing, and is small and light enough to avoid attracting unwanted attention no matter where you go. This includes those places where, in 2017, you may want a little extra protection (airports and government buildings, anyone?) The HK2 is 100% reinforced nylon, so you can walk through metal detectors without fear.

The robust HK2 improves upon the key geometry of its predecessor, unlocking a wider variety of handcuff manufacturers. (We hear this is a better option than politely asking the home intruder to please restrain you and your wife with a different brand of handcuffs.) The clip has been improved with greater strength and internal teeth for extra grip. This means you can slip it onto your belt loop with peace of mind that it will still be there at the end of the day...or whenever you need it.

The HK2 is easy to use with a little practice. You may be shocked at first by how small this key really is, but trust us: it's by design. Once your fingers get used to the size and feel, you'll find that you need only twist the key far enough to disengage the pawl and ratchet mechanism, and you're free!

If you're in law enforcement, the military, or just care about being prepared for anything, you owe it to yourself to keep one of these little guys on your person. Get your TIHK Handcuff Key Now.

Handcuff Key SPECS:

  • Integrated Clip. An integral clip keeps the product attached to your belt loop or other parts of your clothing. The HK2 adds two small teeth within the clip to further improve staying power.
  • Inconspicuous. The textured surface, black material and stealthy contours help to avoid detection.
  • Minuscule Size. This tiny tool only measures 0.8" (20.3mm) long by 0.28" (7.1mm) tall and 0.16" (4mm) thick.
  • Lightweight. It barely moves the scale to 0.01 ounce (0.25g) - you certainly won't notice it's there.
  • Universal. The universal handcuff key portion is sized to address the common Peerless style handcuff lock produced by many different manufacturers.
  • Improved Function. The HK2 improves upon the original TIHK Handcuff Key by working more smoothly in a larger variety of manufacturer's handcuffs.

Note: Practice makes perfect. We highly recommend a TIHK training kit for practicing and mastering the HK2. The clip is designed to be opened to a maximum of 20 degrees which is more than sufficient to attach to most clothing. Opening it greater than 20 degrees may result in permanent damage to the HK2.

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