Gnomon Roman Sundial Watch

By: on October 10, 2017
  • Gnomon Roman Sundial Watch
  • Gnomon Roman Sundial Watch
  • Gnomon Roman Sundial Watch
  • Gnomon Roman Sundial Watch
  • Gnomon Roman Sundial Watch
  • Gnomon Roman Sundial Watch
$264 - $276
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Get your time on, your style on, your history on, your Gnomon with Solar Lab's single hand watch inspired by ancient Roman sundials. The timepiece's clock face recreates the look of a sundial, with Roman numerals I to XII encircling its outer perimeter. A lone hand then serves as the dial's pointer, or gnomon. Though rather than casting a shadow on the time of day in the ancient style, this Gnomon goes modern, making its way around the clock under the guidance of a Japanese automatic movement.

Old meets new in the Gnomon's sharp, contemporary style as well. Formal enough for work, but funky enough for weekends, the watch's dial is made of a deliberately worn steel sheet with engraved minute and applied volumetric hour indexes, all topped with a domed, sapphire-coated crystal.

The back of the Gnomon maintains its Old World twist, with a 316L stainless steel case that's engraved with zodiac signs matching their corresponding hours on the other side, as well as their month number in the Julian calendar system. Gnomon watch straps are all hand made in Italy from 100% genuine leather calf skin.

Gnomon watches are available here on Kickstarter in your choice of 3 different color combinations. Pledge for your nod to Romand sundials through November 17, 2017.

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