Flag & Anthem Apparel - Clothes For Dudes Like You

By: on December 15, 2017
  • Flag & Anthem Apparel - Clothes For Dudes Like You
  • Flag & Anthem Apparel - Clothes For Dudes Like You
  • Flag & Anthem Apparel - Clothes For Dudes Like You
  • Flag & Anthem Apparel - Clothes For Dudes Like You
  • Flag & Anthem Apparel - Clothes For Dudes Like You
  • Flag & Anthem Apparel - Clothes For Dudes Like You
  • Flag & Anthem Apparel - Clothes For Dudes Like You
$12.25 - $129.50
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The guys who started Flag & Anthem did it because they noticed something fishy about their wardrobes: they were paying out the box pleats for the button-ups that looked and felt good to wear, but the shirts they snagged "deals" on made them look like boxy wax sculptures mid-melt, and feel like they had perpetual road rash alongside a case of adult chicken pox.

OK, maybe I'm adding a few details there, but that's only because I, like Flag & Anthem, appreciate the details. We also both appreciate subtle style, quality fabrics, and comfortable fits that don't cost 3 times more than the daytime adventures and casual nights out we're buying them for.

Made for dudes (and now ladies!) who value hard work, but also know how to unwind and let the good times roll - dudes (and now ladies!) Flag & Anthem thinks, like you - the Flag & Anthem collection includes full lines of button-ups, T-shirts and graphic tees, polos, jeans, chinos, jackets, vests, and hats. All of them aim to reflect their makers' obsession with quality, fit, and detail. And all of them ring in well within the sphere of affordable fashion.

For the ladies (and now dudes who need gifts for ladies!) Flag & Anthem has also just launched a women's line of equally snazzy, comfy, and reasonably priced plaid boyfriend shirts.

At printing, long sleeve button-ups had an average retail price of $59.50, while henleys and hoodies ranged from $29.50 to $49.50, and sweaters $59.50 to $69.50.

For the bottom half, check out shorts and chinos from $44.50 to $59.50, and denim under $70.

Women's plaid button-ups are $58.

Click here to browse Flag & Anthem's online store, and discover if their sense of classy-casual aligns with your own. Holiday Bonus: this holiday shopping season, new Flag & Anthem customers will also enjoy 15% off their purchase!

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