Fiddle Stick: A Must See Modular Fidget Toy

By: on November 03, 2017
$16 - $20
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The Fiddle Stick is a fidget toy, yes. But a fidget toy made by the magicians (no really, literal magicians) at Ellusionist is never just a fidget toy. They think of the Fiddle Stick more like a "one-handed Nunchucks you can fling, flip, and spin." A performance piece you'll dazzle the room with as much as a little gadget you'll use to occupy your own idle and antsy hands.

The Fiddle Stick has 9 tactile features running up and down its shaft, and if that still isn't enough to satisfy your fidgets, the toy is also modular. It comes with an LED spinner attachment Ellusionist says you'll be able to use to do a slew of one-handed Fiddle Stick tricks. If you're already calming your own nerves, why not wow all the ladies in line with you at the taco truck on lunch break in the process?

Click here to help fund the Fiddle Stick, and Ellusionist will teach you every click, roll, glide, slide, and sleight you can do with their fidget toy on steroids.

In "minimalist mode" the Fiddle Stick has 9 built-in occupiers of time. They include:

  • Soft Swivel Joystick. On the top end, awaiting your thumb.
  • Dot Matrix. A textured grid where you can do a different kind of rubbing one off to get the juices flowing.
  • A Lightswitch. Click on. Click off. Clickon. Clickoff. Clickonclickoffclickonclick... until your OCD obsession is sated.
  • Clicky Buttons. Like those on your Bic, but without the potential ink oopses.
  • Cogs. They also go click, click, click as you rotate them.
  • A Smooth Slider along the side for more discreet fidgeting.
  • A Rollerball for those whole like it hard, smooth, and in constant motion.
  • A Worry Stone. In honor of your grandma.
  • The Loop. Ellusionist calls this their Fiddle Stick's "piece de resistance" because it's what really enables full-on fidget nunchucking. Stick in a finger and see how you fare with freestyle flips and tricks.

The Fiddle Stick is appropriate for both kiddo and adult fidgeters and tricksters. Check out its Kickstarter campaign through November 15, 2017 to read more and pledge for a Jet Black, Hot Pink, or Electric Blue modular Fiddle Stick of your own.

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