Fastlane Swimming Pool Current Machine

Posted: June 04, 2017
Fastlane Swimming Pool Current Machine

Make your own current events this summer with the Fastlane* by Endless Pools*. The Fastlane is an adjustable current simulator you can install in any backyard swimming pool. Use it to enhance water fitness or therapy sessions, or to add an extra layer of fun to pool games and afternoon floats.

Flip on the Fastlane to create a smooth, quiet current that assists with stroke practice and cardio training without forcing you to do a flip turn every few seconds. The machine's multiple levels of resistance accommodate swimmers of all abilities. Endless Pools recommends firing up a current during water aerobics and water jogging workouts too.

After you TCOB with your training and cardio, a Fastlane current can add to the fun of pool games like Marco Polo or lazy river-style downstream tube floats.

The Fastlane requires no electrical connections poolside, and Endless Pools says the machine is easy to install with either a pool wall or pool deck mounting bracket. Click here to read more on Fastlane specs and build your own Fastlane system. You can see Endless Pools' full line of swimming pools and pool gear here.

*Registered trademarks.

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