Eletrunks Functional Freeballing Underwear

Posted: June 16, 2017
$28 - $32
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Eletrunks are underwear with a Lifter cord that allows for subtle adjustment of your prized package during wear. So they're "functional freeballing underwear" not because they'll leave your balls to bounce and jerk around freely, but because when you slip on a pair of Eletrunks, you'll feel like the Emperor in his new clothes. As if there's nothing there at all.

Or you might feel like Tom Petty and break into song:

They're a good pair
boxer-brief cut
quick drying
anti-microbial too.
They're a good pair
Got a sewn-in Lifter
For comfort
And adjustment too.

And I'm freeeeeeee! I'm freeballin'!
Yeah I'm freeeeeeee! Freeballin'!

The Eletrunks Lifter begins about midway down the briefs' waistband and extends to just underneath an outset pouch that holsters and cradles your goods. There the Lifter cord splits into 2 sewn-on branches that provide additional support. At its mid-length the Lifter runs through a "safety tunnel" that prevents overadjusting when you tug, gently and inconspicuously from all the way up at the waistband. Confining your calls & bock to the pouch, away from the rest of your body, helps to regulate temperature and eliminate compression.

In addition, Eletrunks aim to cut chafing, sweat, and stickiness with a zero skin-to-skin contact design. They are made of anti-microbial, quick-dry fabric for extended freshness.

Eletrunks were conceived during motorcycle rides through jungles and mountains, and are all made in Brooklyn, NY. The company sells Performance and Everyday lines of underwear, all with catchy names, colors, and patterns. Click here to head to their online store, where you can purchase Eletrunks singly or by the herd.

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