Broquets - Gifts with Real Men in Mind

By: on October 24, 2017
  • Broquets - Gifts with Real Men in Mind
  • Broquets - Gifts with Real Men in Mind
  • Broquets - Gifts with Real Men in Mind
  • Broquets - Gifts with Real Men in Mind
$15 - $99
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Broquets are cornucopias of gifts for guys who like to drink with as much style as they do reckless abandon. Guys who are masters of the grill...or at least masters of making sure no one tells them otherwise. Guys who keep the wild hairs of their hipster beards in check, who groom them with as much pride as they show them off at the craft beer fest. Broquets are curated boxes of real man stuff sent to real men.

Over 3 dozen themed Broquet compilations arrive packed in a branded Broquet shipping box or real wooden crate made of American pine. Sample Broquet grab bags include:

The Gentleman and Scholar, Old Fashioned Cocktail Set

  • 2 x Libbey Vibe Double Old Fashioned Glasses. Cheers.
  • Bottle of Hella Bitters in Aromatic. A craft purveyor of fine cocktail fixin's.
  • Bottle of Hella Bitters in Citrus.
  • Tovolo Ice Sphere Mold. Because your drink's gotta have balls too.
  • Stainless Steel Outset Muddler.
  • Fox Run Garnishing Tool.

The All-Nighter, Hangover First-Aid Kit

  • DrinkWel (2 packs), the multi-vitamin for drinkers.
  • Pedialyte powder pack. Broquet dudes say, "Strong enough for a baby, made for a man."
  • E-Boost (1 pack) to start the morning-after festivities.
  • Blowfish (1 pack), a fizzing morning-after tablet.
  • Instant Cold Pack. Crack open, apply to area most visibly throbbing.
  • Scope. On the off-chance you're sharing a bed with someone who doesn't want to roll over to Maker's-Manhattan-with-a-side-of-Beefy-Crunch-Burrito breath.
  • Niche for Men (2 pack) body wipes. In case you wake up in a dumpster and, you know, smell like a dumpster.
  • Bloody Mary mix. Let the fun begin again!

The Utilitarian, Everyday Carry Essentials

  • Radix Minimalist Wallet
  • Gerber Dime Multi-Tool
  • NiteIze Carabiner Keychain
  • INOVA Microlight
  • Inka Pen and Stylus

Click here to browse the complete line of Broquets, and maybe start checking off some of those man gifts from your holiday shopping list early this year.

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