Biostrap Total Health Wearable

By: on November 21, 2017
  • Biostrap Total Health Wearable
  • Biostrap Total Health Wearable
  • Biostrap Total Health Wearable
  • Biostrap Total Health Wearable
  • Biostrap Total Health Wearable
  • Biostrap Total Health Wearable
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With Biostrap you don't need to choose whether to wear your activity tracker on your wrist or your shoe, your upper or your lower body: this Total Health system comes with a pair of symbiotic wearables that sync to analyze both.

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Since our bodies' range of movements is as varied and complex as our bodies themselves, Biostrap seeks to improve the accuracy and value of activity tracking with a full-body wearable system. The Biostrap platform includes both wristband and foot clip sensor devices the company says "work in harmony to help you understand your body and take your training to the next level."

Biostrap's full-body activity tracking capabilities include:

  • Machine-learning algorithms that can detect and analyze repetitious activities. In the gym this means you'll get quantified reps, duration, form, and consistency feedback via the Biostrap app for every set.
  • Automatic cardio classification. You won't need to program or train the Biostrap to recognize when you're running, walking, swimming, peddling the bike, peddling the elliptical, rowing, or Stairmastering through the 9th Circle of Hell (i.e., the only Circle of Hell available on a Stairmaster.)
  • A customizable exercise library. If you're doing a repetitious exercise, record it once and Biostrap will auto detect and analyze it henceforth.
  • Clinical-quality heart analysis. Biostrap's clinical-grade PPG sensor tracks precise heartbeat data, capturing over 2,000 heartbeats every 24 hours, and analyzing each one for 29 different parameters. And then analyzing each one against all of the other ones from the past 24 hours. In addition to heart rate, this tech allows Biostrap to track blood oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, heart rate variability, and sleep quality.

Read more about Biostrap features and specs, or purchase your own, here. Each Biostrap Total Health activity tracking set includes the wrist sensor wearable, 3 band colors, and the foot sensor with a shoe clip.

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