Bevometer Counting Koozies

Posted: September 07, 2016
  • Bevometer Counting Koozie
  • Bevometer Counting Koozie
  • Bevometer Counting Koozie
  • Bevometer Counting Koozie
  • Bevometer Counting Koozies
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The Bevometer is terrific for tailgating because it will let you know this is actually your 8th can of Vitamin R (that's Rainier Beer--you're welcome, Seahawks fans) in 2 hours of prefunking when you thought it was just your 4th. And, the Bevometer can prove with its "This Time" and "Lifetime" digital tracking gadgetry that you have, in fact, out-drunk your friend Cornelius. Responsible statistician or evil instigator: choose your own adventure with this beverage-counting koozie.

Bevometer reckons itself "an automatic scoreboard for consumption." It detects each new can or bottle you slide into its nest and adds a digital +1 to your current drinking session's tally, as well as to a cumulative number of cradled cans and bottles in the line below.

Bevometer koozies are lightweight, and fit snugly between your thirsty fingers the same as traditional foam koozies. They come in black, red, and yellow, as well as printed versions that shout out your love for wonders of the world, such as "BEER" and "Iowa". Perfect for those looking for a stocking stuffer this holiday season. Put your own mark on for a wedding party favor or promotional item any time of year with custom-printed Bevometers.

You can purchase a Bevometer with free shipping through the company website here or through Amazon here.

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