Arceo Wallet & Magnetic Carry System

By: on May 04, 2017
  • Arceo Wallet & Magnetic Carry System
  • Arceo Wallet & Magnetic Carry System
  • Arceo Wallet & Magnetic Carry System
  • Arceo Wallet & Magnetic Carry System
  • Arceo Wallet & Magnetic Carry System
  • Arceo Wallet & Magnetic Carry System
$65 - $110
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Check out the gallery of Ronin Energetics' Arceo Wallets. Not only do the CNC-milled cash and card carriers swap out short-lived silicone and elastic bands for an internal spring tensioning system to secure your stash inside, but they also function as portable tool and EDC cases. Each Arceo incorporates embedded neodymium magnets that lock in its G10 carrier compartment, plus serve its Modular Magnetic Key Organizer (MaKO), a system for attaching keys, utility knives, USB sticks, or any small item you want as accessible as your coffee shop punchcard.

Arceo also differentiates itself as a fully modular wallet system. You can choose your color / style of fiber composite top face plate, set of veneer card / cash dividers, G10 base plate, and back case lid. And then you can swap them out for something different at any time.

Aaaand...look at those sample Arceo color combos. Do you see what I see? Vader Black. Trooper White. Boba Green. C3PGOld? All complemented by a walnut edge-lit LED valet tray that glows R2DBlue when you switch it on. Arceo Wallets may have launched on Kickstarter on May 2, but I think Ronin Energetics' wishes to backers are clear: May the 4th be with you.

In addition to the Arceo Wallets, Ronin Energetics is giving Kickstarter backers the option of pledging for their valet tray and a Mini Tri-Spinner Fidget Toy they laser cut in their Saskatoon, Canada shop along with the rest of their wares. Click here to head over to Kickstarter for additional Arceo specs and options, and to get your pledge in by June 16, 2017.

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