AR Racer Speed Augmented Reality Mobile Game

Posted: September 13, 2017
AR Racer Speed Augmented Reality Mobile Game

AR Racer Speed takes the real-life Matchbox-style cars you used to flick across the living room and kitchen table and plants them on top of your smartphone. Where instead of flicking and watching the cars roll a few feet, you'll tilt and watch them fly for miles down the trafficked and obstacle-laded roads of augmented reality.

AR Racer Speed pairs players' choice of a Lamborghini, Blue Phantom, Land Rover, or Bugatti Veyron race car with a mobile gaming app to deliver a quick and easy thrill ride from anywhere. Like on the unending bus ride to work or campus. Or the excruciating back seat drive to Aunt Jan's.

Physical cars come packaged with an identifying QR code you'll scan with your Android or iPhone to initiate play after downloading the accompanying AR Racer Speed app. After the game loads a black, car-shaped box will appear on your screen - place the car there, and touch the black square on the car's roof to being a countdown. In 3 - 2 - 1...

Your Lambo or Land Rover will take off on screen, as your physical game piece lights up, bounces, and vibrates in response to your skills on the road. AR Racer Speed courses aren't just about making tight turns and dodging 18-wheelers; you'll also need to shoot missiles at targets trying to thwart you and collect coins for extra turns after you...PUHKUHSHA-BOOM!...crash and roll and send your metal flying.

Just the virtual metal. Your real-life toy car will remain intact.

Unless you have a temper and do something rash with it....

A nifty and pretty original gift for phone and gaming addicts of any age, you can view more and get an AR Racer Speed package for yourself here.

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