12oz Wyld Multi-Can

Posted: January 24, 2020
12oz Wyld Multi-Can

Wyld Gear up for the Super Bowl with the 12oz Wyld Multi-CanTM from Wyld Gear. The vacuum insulated stainless steel container consolidates 3 prized and coveted drinking services into 1:

  1. The 12oz Wyld Multi-CanTM can hold and keep cold your beer cans and bottles.
  2. An opener on the container's underside can pop the tops off your beer bottles.
  3. Its vacuum-insulated walls can also keep beverages hot, and hold liquid directly, so when you're hungover at work on Super Bowl Monday from all those Super Bowl Sunday beers, you can ease the pain with some strong and smoking coffee gulped straight from the Multi-Can'sTM chamber.

The 12oz Wyld Multi-CanTM also comes with a trio of lids to enhance its 3-in-1 functionality - one to secure your can or bottle during use; one to top off hot drinks for smooth-flow sipping; and one to completely seal off beverages inside, and to keep the Multi-CanTM dust- and gunk-free during storage and transport.

Click here to check out the 12oz Wyld Multi-CanTM in its rainbow of color options, and get your order in for one, or, with free shipping offered on orders over $35, one for you and all your Super Bowl party guests.

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