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Giveaway: Cravar Leather Bag

By: Cravar »

DUDE DEAL: Though the giveaway entry period has closed and our winner has been drawn, Cravar is still extending a 15% discount to all Dude readers who purchase one of their bags through September 30, 2015. Use the discount...

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DP Customs Handmade Motorcycles

Having a reader like Manny makes it so much easier for me to go on vacation. True, instead of oiling up for my tan and body surfing off the beach I've had to spend the last 4 days getting rained on by a wussed-out tropical...

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Duo Deck Vinyl/Cassette Player & MP3 Converter

$129 from Amazon »

The Duo Deck is your portable purveyor of the sounds of classic vinyl and the mix tapes filled with love songs you wrote for Samantha Nester in the 9th grade, which she threw back at you through your open Toyota Tercel...

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Boosted Dual+ 2000W Electric Skateboard

Sold Out from Amazon »

Corridor Digital made a live action Mario Kart YouTube video. Maybe you've seen it? (Click play above if not.) Last week, Dude reader Bailey B. product tipped us off about both the video and the longboard Corridor Digital...

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Char-Broil Infrared Grill2Go

$117.04 from Amazon »

Not only is it small, portable, and durable enough to withstand day drunks at the tailgate, but Char-Broil's Grill2Go uses a TRU-Infrared cooking system to sear and heat your meat. That means even the coldest, rainiest...

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Activated Charcoal Liquid Soap

$21 from Latika »

Activated charcoal. You can eat it in hellfire burgers. You can brush your teeth with it for impurity removal and, ironically, whitening power. You can swallow it in pill form to alleviate <a href="/blog/ba-in-the...

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Tesla Watch

$59.99 from ThinkGeek »

Induction motors, X-ray experimentation, the world's first RC boat. Nikola Tesla's contributions to the world were numerous and thrilling during his nearly 6 decades of scientific pursuit in New York. So it's strange...

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Twenty Digital Audio Bluetooth Amplifier

$119.99 from »

Twenty is a digital amplifier. Volume goes up, sonic integrity remains unchanged. No need to purchase high-tech Bluetooth speakers or upgrade your existing system to achieve sound levels that will dement the neighbors....

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Sheepskin Bean Bag Chair

$1,200 - $2,900 from Parker Wool »

All the tactile sensations of a sheepskin rug meet all the squishy little balls of a bean bag. I guess if you're looking for a way to incorporate iconic dorm room/bachelor pad decor into your fine formal living room...

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$20.36 from Amazon »

My 28th of September has just started looking a whole lot brighter. That's the date Tacopedia will be released for shipping. Tacopedia is--and how is it possible no one thought of this before?--an encyclopedic tribute...

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Therm-A-Rest UltraLite Cot

$159.95 - $213.48 from Amazon »

When I saw Therm-A-Rest named this cot the UltraLite Cot, it got me thinking about how even though the word "ultra-light" can be applied to so many different things, the actual weight measurement representing it for one...

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Giant Inflatable Balloon Animal Dog

Sold Out from Amazon »

Yeah, I have no idea why that lady is super pissed and flipping Fatboy's Big Dog the bird in the one photo, and then is lounging all smiles and cuddles with it in the others. But that's women for you. The bigger-than-life...

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FYL Built-In Charger Bags

$79.99 from »

FYL bags. They're For Your Lost charger. For Your Laziness in not wanting to carry one with you. For Your eLation in realizing you're not SOL after all. For all Your eLectrical needs when your smartphone's battery goes...

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Himalayan Crystal Salt Cooking Tile

$11.99 - $17.99 from Amazon »

Not only does this Himalayan Salt Rock Tile contain 10,000% of your daily recommended allowance of sodium, but it also cooks food evenly, serves it beautifully, and seasons it deliciously. Sit the slab directly on your...

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Color-Changing Bottle Lamps

$20 - $89.95 from Etsy »

Fred Fleming might like empty bottles of Grey Goose, Patron, and Fireball even more than he likes them full. The Connecticut-based artist repurposes glass liquor (and ketchup!) bottles into the swell LED light shows you...

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Lucy in the Sky Micro Hotels

$190 from Lucy in the Sky »

Lucy in the Sky is a collection of 3 highly stylized cherries on top of existing industrial installations in the harbor district of the Netherlands' Deventer. The standout pieces of architecture have been serving as "micro...

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Sommi Handcrafted Wine Cellars

$9,980 - $13,950 from Sommi »

Unless you like wine that sucker punches your palate with the essence of dirt mixed with acid, I disagree that Oregon produces the world's finest Pinot Noir. However, Vieng Oudom's Sommi Wine Cellars make a pretty good...

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FOBO Smart Tire Pressure Monitor

$194.53 from Amazon »

FOBO is an acronym for For Our Better wOrld. That's a really dumb acronym. Luckily, the 24/7 Bluetooth tire pressure monitoring system it represents is sweet enough to overcome the branding misstep. And I guess I'll let...

Survival Cards: EDC Multi-Tools in a Thin Credit Card Size
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Tenga Flip Hole Male Masturbator

$63 from Amazon »

Usually when I come across things like the Tenga Flip Hole on Amazon, a random oblong instrument or box with a button, and a title that gives no indication of what the F it is, I just assume it has something to do with...

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AeroTwist Speaker

$380 from Jarre »

Now this is a sexy donut. Twist. I mean a sexy snake. Twist. I mean a sexy thing I once saw snorkeling that shot fiberglass bristles into my hand when I touched it. (Lesson: observe, don't disturb.) The AeroTwist speaker...

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SleepCompanion Sleep Enhancer & Monitor

$90.90 from Amazon »

Holi's SleepCompanion has combined the principles behind a sunrise alarm clock with the skills a sleep tracker in hopes of producing a Super Servant of the Snooze whose whole is wholly greater than the

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Single Serve & Full Pot Coffee Maker

$81.67 from Amazon »

This Two-Way Brewer gives me the option of making a 14-ounce cup of coffee just for me, or a whole 12-cup pot of coffee just for me when I'm really tired. Or really hungover. Or really constipated....

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BedJet Climate Control for Beds

$139 - $949 from Amazon »

I saw the BedJet last week when I was researching (i.e., zombie-clicking through the pages of Amazon) DermaTherapySPORT bedding. DTS is made with some sort of woven fabric golden boy that the company says will keep you...

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Tannus - Bike Tires That Never Go Flat

By: Tannus »

Why will you never get a flat if you put Tannus tires on your bike? Because Tannus tires don't got no air inside. Move over, Spandex. You've had a good run, but Micro Closed Cell Polymer Resin's about to dethrone you...

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Homping Portable Charcoal Grill

$194.42 from Amazon »

Homping meets hot coals and juicy steak. Mmmm, sounds kinky and delicious. If you dare...

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i-sopod Sensory Deprivation Float Tank

I used to have a membership to a sensory deprivation tank club (because I am both fancy and bored). What happens is you go into a private room, get naked, and then climb in these completely enclosed, completely pitch...

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EVELO Electric Bicycles

$2,069 - $3,024 from Amazon »

One brother did it for his wife. The other brother did it for his country. Yevgeniy and Boris Mordkovich co-founded EVELO electric bicycles both to close the gap between cycling skill levels and to address the enormous...

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The Aura Water Pipe

Sorry, hippies and artistic stoners. Now that marijuana is this close to mainstream acceptance, and not that much farther away from legalization, it's time for the techies and trendsters to move in and take over the conception...

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Horizon Spy Drone

$89.95 from »

Your ticket to the open skies, or at least a bird's eye view of them, is going for 47% off for a limited time thanks to this Dude Exclusives deal on the Horizon Spy Drone. The flying RC quadcop

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Rotating LED Headlamp

$7.99 from Amazon »

This headlamp would be better if its LED light rotated 360-degrees and was brainwave-controlled. But I guess 90-degree vertical movement and manual manipulation are OK too, especially if you need a headlamp for more than...

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BullseyeBore Laser Drill Guide

BullseyeBore or not, as someone who often has trouble even walking straight, there's close to a 0% chance I'm ever going to be able to cut, saw, or drill straight. But for the rest of you, the handy ones who only catch...

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Boltwell B*10 Must-Haves Emergency Kit

$74.99 from »

The Boltwell B*10 Must-Haves Emergency Kit contains a 10-pack of Life Savers for disaster preparedness. Because if you're gonna go out, you may as well go out on a sugar high....

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Portable Electric Mixer Cup

$22.99 from Amazon »

Yeah I would like a smoothie, milkshake, triple salted caramel mocha frappuccino, and frozen margarita homemade at my desk. With this portable drink mixer, I'll no longer have to lug my blender to work to enjoy freshly...

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Confederate P51 Combat Fighter

$113,900 - $119,500 from Confederate Motorcycles »

Confederate has been releasing Combat motorcycles regularly since 1999; just during my short tenure in these parts we've seen the formidable X132 Hellcat Combat and its follow-up, the equally vicious X132 Hellcat Speedster....

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Lighthouse - Free & ISP-Free Internet

Sold Out from Amazon »

To be clear, the Internet flies in only one direction down Outernet's information superhighway*. Each day, a 1 GB dose of data funnels through a dish antenna and lands in the company's Lighthouse receiver, where it is...

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West Coast Roasting Hand-Roasted-to-Order Coffee

$17.25 - $19 from West Coast Roasting Company »

Nate and Melissa White created West Coast Roasting. They have hand-roasted, bagged, and labelled every batch of coffee they've ever produced. To order. Since long before, as they so winningly put it, "people put mustaches...

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Cubicle Warfare: 101 Office Traps and Pranks

$12.07 from Amazon »

The only thing worse about work than working is co-workers. Like the guy I seem to have started an ass war with after he left some anus chocolates on my desk and I countered with a pair of Manties. Today I got Shreddie

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USB-Powered Light Bulb

For your desk via a laptop USB, for your tent via a portable battery pack. This USB Bulb goes wherever you, and your Universal Serial Bus power sources, go. The light bulb charges and shines when attached to any device...

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Kraken D20 Die

$14.99 - $119.99 from Shapeways »

When he's not terrorizing Nordic ships The Kraken enjoys a good game of Skulls and Shackles. So when 3D artist Nvenom8 approached him with a merchandising opportunity, the behemoth beast of the sea wasn't just willing...

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DermaTherapySPORT Athletic Bedding

$199.99 - $249.99 from Amazon »

DermaTherapySPORT bedding evolved around athletes and studies suggesting how dramatically sleep quality can affect athletic performance. But the essence of these elite sheets is their fabric technology, a woven system...

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Ultra Fast Defrosting Tray

$21.99 from Amazon »

I want a big hunk of meat, and I want it now. What? Frozen?! Thaw overnight in the fridge? Thaw in a bowl of water for a few hours? Thaw in the microwave and let it get all...microwaved? How about, instead of any of that...

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Ubco 2 x 2 Electric Motor Bike

$7k from Ubco »

I like how when a pair of Kiwis set out to build a sick off-road/commuter bike combo, their goal numero uno was to make sure it could also be used to herd sheep and drive cattle. Party till the cows come home? No. In...

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EnChroma Color Blindness Glasses

$339.95 - $439.95 from EnChroma »

As as dude named Ethan demonstrates in the above video, seeing colors for the first time ever is an experience a lot like seeing them for the first time ever while on hallucinogenic drugs. Stirring. Awe-inspiring. Life-changing....

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Filson Dry Duffel Bag

Sold Out from Amazon »

If you hate the thought of exposing your gear to water, dust, sand, and zippers then Filson's dry duffel might be the bag for you. The pictured mid-size version is made of polyester coated in vinyl for complete weather...

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Rumpl Puffy Coat Blanket

$129 - $199 from Amazon »

Rumpl is your favorite puffy coat and your best sleeping bag turned into a comforter for your bed. A blanket for your starry nights. A cover for your movie dates on the couch. Rumpl is a high performance insulator made...

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PhoneSoap Charger & Sanitizer

$49.99 from »

Phones are dirty. And that's just the physical devices, never mind what people use them for. Every cellphone on the block is rife with armies of bacteria and viruses, ranging from the flu, staph, E. Coli, MRSA, and, given...

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Giveaway: The Coolest Cooler

There's a party in my cooler and everybody's chillin'. The Coolest Cooler is a combined bartender, DJ, and pack mule. On wheels. It chills, blends, blasts, charges, and lets the good times roll. It ranks as the highest...

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Friendly Swede Paracord Bracelet with Fire Starter

Sold Out from Amazon »

The Swedes. Always lookin' out, always glad to do it. My favorite friendly Scandinavians made this paracord bracelet out of 16' of 350 spec nylon. Five different color choices are braided into a sweet adjustable wrist...