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Gerber StrongArm Fixed Blade Knife

$96 from Gerber »

The StrongArm fixed blade isn't a new design for Gerber, but their latest release in the knife's series now has an upgraded BDZ-1 steel blade. Full tang and fine edge. The StrongArm's Tactical Grey handle also has a rubberized...

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RC 1972 Chevy C10 Pickup Truck V-100 S

$257.87 from Amazon »

Vaterra has gotten themselves a hold of some official licences. And you know what that means...1 to 10 scale radio-controlled american classics that look exactly like big brother. It's difficult to tell the difference...

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Lovely - The Smart Wearable Toy for Couples (NSFW)

$119 from Lovely »

Want to see the fruits of Lovely's labor? Check out the wearable couples' sex toy's outstanding video. Starring: a banana; a peach; a cantaloupe; an orange; and an eggplant. Their performances are stellar. Riveting. Penetrating...

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Pixel Playing Cards

$9.93 from Amazon »

The pixel is wild! Kikkerland's Pixel Playing Cards make a funky optical illusion when you tilt them. The effect will either add some visual interest to your poker game, or make you feel like you're gonna puke all over...

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Uncommon Carry Bowman Mini Crossbow

$24.99 from Uncommon Carry »

You can hone your archery skills from anywhere with Uncommon Carry's Bowman mini crossbow. Even better, load the small but mighty bow's barrel with your choice of match, Q-tip, or toothpick and take lighting the campfire...

A hot dog sofa? A hamburger chair? Sweet! Now when I get ketchup and mustard all over my furniture it won't ruin it, it will make it better!...

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Pocket Samurai Titanium Keychain Knife

$29.99 from StatGear »

StatGear knows we can't all be samurais, but we can all carry a pocket knife. And if they shape their Tanto blades like katanas, put some Japanese characters on them, and call them Pocket Samurais, maybe sliding the titanium...

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Steampunk Sundial & Compass Watch

$22.99 from Amazon »

Not a sundial and compass themed or styled wristwatch, but a wristwatch with an actual built-in sundial and compass. And none of those fancy analog or digital gears, movements, batteries, or Arabic numerals to help you...

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Saucemoto In-Car Dip Clip

Is the Saucemoto, a dip clip that latches onto the air vent in your car, a solution to or perpetuation of a problem? Do we really want people who have just gotten a 20-piece order of McNuggets and large fries dipping...

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Solar System Crystal Ball

$30.99 from Amazon »

Know what I see when I look into this solar system crystal ball? No Pluto! And it makes me wonder if kids these days - a demographic maker Sumnacon says its solar system-filled crystal ball is perfect for - even know...

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Grow A Girlfriend / Boyfriend

$4.27 - $5.97 from Amazon »

Valentine's Day. The best day of the year to be single. No worries right? You just go about your day as if it were any regular day. And really, what more could you ask for? If you do want some troubles though, perhaps...

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Uuni 3 Portable Wood Pellet Pizza Oven

$299 from Amazon »

With the Uuni 3 you can can haul out the degrees of a wood-fired pizza oven - 932 of them to be exact - without doing any heaving hauling of the oven itself. Powered by inexpensive, energy-dense wood pellets, the portable...

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Show N Go Electric Powered License Plate Frame

$112.99 from Amazon »

The Show N Go electric powered license plate frame lowers and tucks away your car's front plate to hide it when you're displaying your vehicle at an auto show, or just want to admire its lines and curves without a giant...

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Screw U Jewelry

$10 - $257 from Etsy »

Here's a big Screw U for the scorned, the heartbroken, and the Anti-Valentine's Day-ers. Calm down now, it's for you, not to you. Don one of Screw U Jewelry's bent screw rings, necklaces, or pair of earrings so you can...

What makes a good night's sleep? Sometimes no more than being so tired your muscles feel like a slow roasted brisket, and your bones are aching harder than Grandma's osteoarthritic back, and all you want to do is flop harder than LeBron James in the playoffs. On any bed, on any pillow, and with any...

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SpotMini - Boston Dynamics Robot Dog

Thankfully, Boston Dynamics has chosen to name this robotic walking canine-oid from my nightmares SpotMini. Otherwise, I think people would be terrified of this. It's just so doglike without having any tail wag or endearing...

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Cryptolite Cold Storage Wallets

$89.99 - $134.99 from slimTECH »

Cash, check*, card, or crypto? If you've graduated from mere paper and plastic to the digital currency worlds of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Monero, Dogecoin, Deep Onion, Tron, Elecroneum, ZCoin...did I miss...

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DogEden - Underground Dog House

$159 from DogEden »

Wait, is this a DogEden or DogeDen? Or both? And if you like what they did with the name of this underground dog house, check out the video and behold what Miller Pet Products did with the underground dog house itself...

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Pop It Pal Pimple Popping Simulator

$19.99 from Pop It Pal »

Long to be poppin' zits like a G6? Look no further than the Pop It Pal Pimple Popping Simulator. Even with the teen acne days behind you, and most of those juicy back zits juuust out of reach, this fleshy, pus-filled...

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Secure Pro Practice Padlock & 15-Piece Lock Pick Set

$19.99 from BUD K »

You can pick your nose, but you can't pick your lock. At least not until you've had proper training from Secure Pro's Practice Padlock and 15-Piece Lock Pick Set...

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Giveaway: California Cowboy Aloha & Apres Ski Shirts

California Cowboy Aloha & Apres Ski Shirts Giveaway Winner: Congratulations to Tim L. of London, Ontario, Canada, winner of the California Cowboy Aloha & Apres Ski Shirts. Thanks to all entrants, and be sure to check...

I learned my most important lesson about frenemies from The Golden Girls. It's that sometimes passive aggressive words and social interactions aren't enough. It's that sometimes I need my frenemies to throw a party. Invite everyone they know. So they can see the biggest revenge gift will be from...

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CO2 Tire Inflator

$19.98 from Amazon »

Pro Bike Tool created this superfast CO2 tire inflator because they know the only thing worse than getting a flat tire while riding a bike is having to ride a bike in the first place. Well, that's something I know anyway...

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Sharp Pebble Whetstone

$36.99 from Amazon »

Even if you just have a decent set of kitchen knives, you're going to want to keep them sharp or you're just going to be pulling your meat rather than sliding through it. A good whetstone is a nice kitchen tool to have...