Track N Go Wheel-Driven Track System

By: on January 05, 2014
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When people ask me if I want to go snowshoeing I always say no because this activity usually involves walking. Often up a steep slope. In the snow. It's cold, labor-intensive, and there are no Playmates wearing nothing but furry boots and cute bear head hoodies waiting for me at the top. There aren't even mountain men serving free Coors Light. So why the hell would I go snowshoeing?


Unless I could drive. Unless I could pop a set of Track N Gos on my truck wheels and haul ass onward and upward, over the hills and through the snow--huge banks of snow!--from the warmth and resting heart rate of my driver's seat. Then maybe I'd go snowshoeing.

The Track N Go wheel-driven track system installs in less than 15 minutes on any vehicle that has wheel adapters and bumper stoppers. It is most practically used by members of commercial fleets that must barrel through snow and along treacherous roads in the names of capitalism and rescuing people who are idiots. However, as indicated by a Tracked-out Hummer in one of the photos above, the Track N Go can also serve private drivers who have the money and inclination to unleash a new flavor of snowmobile on the mountain this winter.

While primarily developed for use on snow, Track N Go can also function on bare road. Apparently this makes it a standout in the tracked vehicle community. So do its speed capabilities: up to 37 mph on hard surfaces, and 9 to 25 mph on snow, depending on the accumulation's thickness.

Track N Go advertises a smooth and stable ride, which it credits to its unique pneumatic mounting configuration. When the tracks hit a bump, their overlying tires absorb the impact. Additionally, their symmetrical design ensures the same performance moving in reverse as moving forward.

For anyone interested in comparing apples, check out the Dominator track system. Though similar to the Track N Go, the Dominator's tracks completely replace a vehicle's tires, and appear to be more for hardcore backcountry entertainment use. I gather this from their hardcore and entertaining name, "Dominator." Dominator tracks fit most common passenger vehicles and, in addition to slush and snow, fearlessly tear through sand and mud.

Muchas danke to Manny S. for the Dude Product Tip.

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