Animal Hoodies

Posted: November 17, 2012
Husky Hoodie
$9.82 - $23.95
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Ladies, if Griz Coats are too big, too masculine, or too covering of the neck down for you (read: for me), how about one of these minxy little animal hoodies? Most of them even extend along the shoulders into a cozy pair of mittens to keep you extra super warm when the temperature drops below 54 degrees and you inevitably start shivering and lamenting that you're cold. Why are girls always so cold? Or is it just the girls I date? The ones who happen to be cold on the inside as well?

Available in a veritable menagerie of furry beasts, from polar bears to brown bears, foxes to wolves, and huskies to snow leopards, Animal Hoodies are 100% acrylic with 100% satin polyester lining, and 100% guaranteed to get you noticed, cooed at, pat on top of the head, and probably a night's worth of free drinks. One size fits all adults and teens with a head circumference of 22" or less.

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