iceScreen Side View Mirror Mittz

Posted: December 03, 2015
icescreen Side View Mirror Mittz
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If you already have an iceScreen for your windshield, or you don't care all that much about being able to see out the front of your car, but those side view mirrors better be frost-free, the makers of the magnetic ice blocker have come out with Mirror Mittz, covers for your smaller targets of winter weather.

Scraping down your car at 7 a.m. in negative wind chills sucks more than my friend Cornelius trying to drink a Blizzard through straw for $10. The iceScreen Ice Shield is a sturdy, flexible cover that anchors to front windshields with a set of magnetic clips and flaps that close inside car doors, while its sidekicks, the Mirror Mittz, slip over exposed mirrors to prevent all blinding frost from forming in the first place.

Mittz stretch to fit over most mirror sizes, though some Amazon reviewers report tightness and hassle on certain larger trucks and SUVs. The casings are waterproof and secure with a pull string and security tab, the latter of which can also close inside the adjacent door to help protect against theft.

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