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Posted: October 16, 2014
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Now that Star Wars Sunshade season is over, it's time to haul out the Wampa Ice Mitt. Or take iceScreen's advice and chuck the scraper in a dumpster. iceScreen creators Dan Miller and Andy Wright have developed a magnetic windshield cover they say will eliminate the need to scrape a snowy or crystallized front window ever again. And if you find yourself at odds with the Millennium Falcon crew next June, you can also flip the iceScreen over to reflect the sun and keep your car's innards cool in the summer.

Anchored by a set of chrome/stainless steel magnetic clips and flaps that close inside car doors, the iceScreen attaches to a vehicle's framework and promises to remain in place even during high winds and some punk kid's attempt to steal it. The magnets themselves are circular and housed in individual gel padding cases so cover has no sharp edges that could damage car finishes. When covered in snow, frost, damp dew, or bird shit, iceScreens pull or roll away from the windshield for shakeoff and folded storage in an included pouch.

iceScreens seek funding on Kickstarter through November 9, 2014. Designed to fit the exact shapes of various vehicles' windows, they come in sizes M (sedans, city cars), L (SUVs, people carriers), and XL (pickup trucks, vans). Standard and Deluxe versions (Deluxe has 7 instead of 4 magnetic pouches) are also available.

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