ZUP Watersports Board

Posted: May 19, 2015

In addition to your favorite brah's favorite word, ZUP is a hybrid towable eager to dole out some adrenaline rushes on the water this summer. The ZUP Board's design allows riders to stand, kneel, lie down, surf, chill, or even reverse cowboy on it. An integrated tow hook and molded-in side handles make it easy either to position yourself with both hands before grabbing the reins, or just chill on your belly without having to manage the board and tow line separately. ZUP's goal, as indicated in the video, is to make it easy for everyone from Grandpa to Little Joey to Chubby Cousin Shelly to get ZUP and enjoy the ride.

The board itself is covered in soft EVA foam padding and includes slip-in foot straps for skiers; surfers also have enough surface area to stand and ride without using them. ZUP Board measurements are 58" long x 27" wide. Handles designed especially for use with the ZUP are sold separately.

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