WOW Aqua Floating Table & Bar

Posted: April 30, 2015
WOW Aqua Floating Table & Bar
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Oh yeah. An inflatable floating picnic table & bar + me + She-Ra: Princess of Power + my friend Cornelius + wamp, wamp. Cornelius is still single. Don't worry, C, we'll find you a date for summer boozin' and eating pressed Cubano sammiches on the lake. If nothing else, remember She-Ra's hot friend from hot yoga with the little terrier who wouldn't stop humping your leg? The chick said he's a good swimmer, and he obviously likes you, so....

WOW Sports appears to have outdone themselves with this 2- to 4-person portable table. It can both float on water and sit intact for use on land, with a giant central cooler, cup holders at each seat, and grab handles for easy mounting from below. Use it for lunch down the river, happy hour in the pool, and satiating late night munchies high in your mama's backyard.

The WOW Aqua Table also comes with an anchor bag and rope if drunk you can't be trusted not to float away and get stranded.

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