World's Biggest Backyard Water Slide

Posted: June 10, 2015
World's Biggest Backyard Water Slide
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I remember going to this water slide park called Wet Willy's when I was a kid. They had runs way longer than the Wahii's slide's measly 75'. I bet they were way faster too. But one time on our way home from Wet Willy's my mama got T-boned by a pickup truck and totaled her car. We had to spend a lot of hours in the ER. That kind of sucked. Probably would have been safer to stay in the confines of my backyard, enjoying the slightly less thrilling, but still pretty fun trips down the Wahii. Shorter lines too.

Wahii calls its water-fed slide World's Biggest. Not only is the slippery snake 75' long, but it's 12' wide as well. Set it up on a hill or downslope in about 15 minutes with Zulu-Stick fasteners to hold it to the grass, and a sprinkler positioned at the top (no hose hook-up required). The Wahii's surface is made of thick, UV-protected, ultra-smooth plastic rated to hold up to 256 pounds per square foot.

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