Water Hamster Wheel

Posted: July 11, 2014
Water Hamster Wheel
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Why hello, miss. That's a real nice pink bunny rabbit tattoo you've got there on your L4 and L5 vertebrae. How's about you, me, and the Energizer mascot go take a dip in the water and a roll in the ha...mster wheel?

The World of Watersports Aqua Treadmill gives us humans the long-awaited opportunity to take part in an activity previously reserved for rodents. According to its makers the giant PVC hamster wheel is a water faring dynamo that is easy to push and steer through oceans, lakes, and pools alike. With enough room for 3 people, users need only climb inside and begin walking forward while pushing against the wheel's front wall. Flipping and rolling along all carefree and catawampus appear to be options as well.

Eight drainage ports distributed around the treadmill prevent excess water from pooling and weighing it down. Human hamster wheel dimensions are 74" long x 74" wide x 61" high; inner ring diameter is 48".

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