Ultraskiff 360 Watercraft

By: on October 04, 2015
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I showed my girlfriend the Ultraskiff 360 and she asked if it was a Sit 'n' Spin for the water. And for once, before rolling my eyes at her lack of enthusiasm for anything she can't wear, drink from a stemmed glass, or use in the same sentence as the words "Taylor Swift", I thought about her comment. Maybe it's not a dig. And maybe it's not that far off base either. Sure, the more knowledgeable and respectful would probably call the Ultraskiff 360 a personal watercraft for lake goers and seafarers. But it does kind of look like a Sit 'n' Spin for fishermen. I bet it's at least as fun of a ride.

Clearly, the Ultraskiff 360 is a round boat. According to its makers, you don't see these very often because the shape tends to be pitchy and unstable. But the patented Ultraskiff design levels out its passengers, remaining sturdy and handling their center of gravity whether they're sitting, casting, standing, turning, or transitioning in and out. The disc-like vessel accommodates a chair, a casting stool, or a standing position, and a 44- to 55-pound thrust, 12V shaft trolling motor. Alone, its hull measures 6' in diameter and weighs just 125 pounds for easy transport. In addition to serious anglers and hobby fishermen, the Ultraskiff can be useful to game hunters stalking the water's edge, and waterfront property owners who just want a recreational joyride that's easy to launch and store.

Technical specs of the Ultraskiff 360 include:

  • Detachable pedestal mount with shock absorbers to cushion rides against chop, plus ensure the boat doesn't pitch and move with small shifts of onboard weight.
  • 8 x deep-grooved strap guides along the gunwales for securing to trailers or pickup beds with ratchet straps.
  • 3 x deep & wide storage compartments that double as cutting boards when opened.
  • 1 x battery compartment.
  • 4 cup holders/utility pockets.
  • 4 x 5 cleats with threaded inserts underneath (option to take them out and replace them with external rod holders or fish finders.)
  • 1 x molded tow ring that can be also used as an anchor push pin holder.
  • 6 x rod holders that can be used to create custom duck blinds, tents, sun shades and anything else out of 1 1/4" PVC.
  • 6 x skegs for tracking and hull protection.
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