The Body Launching Inflatable

Posted: June 28, 2013
The Body Launching Inflatable

Supposedly the Body Launching Inflatable has to attach to this Floating Jungle Gym for it to launch bodies into the air, but I think if I pay that many hundreds of dollars for it, I better be able to tie the thing to my lawn chair and still send my friend Cornelius flying off when I pounce on the other end. Don't worry, Cornelius, I'll make sure it's angled towards the grass and not the driveway.

As the name suggests, the Body Launching Inflatable turns humans into projectiles, firing the one sitting on its surface through the air, and hopefully for the manufacturers who don't want to be sued, safely into the water, when another one jumps on it. Measurements are 12' long x 5-1/2' wide x 3' high.

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