Swimming Pool Fish Bots

Posted: June 01, 2013
Swimming Pool Fish Bots
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The robotic fish provide ambient light in a pool while swimming autonomously. They look cool. I'd prefer it if they don't touch me with their exotically-hued lionfishy spikes though. It's like when I'm at a bar and some strange girl's hair brushes against me and gives me the willies, particularly when I turn to see who's responsible for the offense and find it's some snarled-mouth uggo whining about how no one's talking to her and her feet hurt and she just wants to go to Denny's and get a Sausage Slam breakfast with a side of seasoned fries.

The illuminated fish bots contain blue LEDs that shine through their purple, blue, and orange color bands to provide a spectacle of nighttime light for pool parties or aquarium-themed romantic endeavors. Fish swim just below the water's surface with a reciprocating tail fin.

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