Sumo Tube Wearable Inflatable Towable

Posted: March 01, 2017
Sumo Tube Wearable Inflatable Towable
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I know. Way too much alliteration for a Wednesday afternoon. To break things up, and appease the boatless, I'll add that the Sumo Wearable Inflatable Towable is also a Wearable Inflatable Surf Suit. And it looks awwwwwwesommmmme!

The downside: At printing the Sumo's feedback wasn't quite as awesome as the inflatable looks in its photos. It had an average rating overall, with most complaints pertaining to safety concerns and difficulty of use. The upside: Maybe the people who said that are just chickens with no skillz. Some happy reviewers do agree that the tube requires strength to handle and will give you a workout, and recommend riding it in calmer waters.

The downside part II: Also at printing the Sumo Tube's estimated ship date was 1 to 2 months from purchase. The upside part II: Even if that's true, it will still arrive just in time for summer.

The suit is basically a single chamber tube with arm holes. You put it on like a T-shirt. It comes with a Sumo Splash Guard, an inflatable armrest and handles that help deflect water spray from pounding you in the face during towing. The splash guard, rather than the tube itself, is what connects to a boat's tow rope, with riders then holding onto the guard's handles during movement.

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