Slyde Grom Body Surfing Handboard

Posted: August 10, 2020
Slyde Grom Body Surfing Handboard
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Surf's up and Slyde is down to get you out in it with their Grom body surfing handboard. With a construction that's ultra-buoyant, syrup-sticky on top, and buttery-slick on the bottom, the Grom is designed to help novice wave riders barrel and "Slyde" like pros.

At 19" long and 9 ounce light, the Grom handboard carries easily to the beach in a bag or backpack. Slyde says its durable foam core and a super soft water tight outer foam skin makes it bump-friendly no matter the size of the wave, or the skill level of the person whose hand is slid inside it. The Grom is even suitable for the kiddos to use.

Grom Handboards come in a handful of color combos, and gets handjobs -uh, no, high-fives of approval from Pro Hawaiian handboarder Sean Enoka, as well as Shark Tank's Mark Cuban, who called Slyde's design "The perfect surfer starter kit."

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