Roarin' Shark Inflatable Pool

Posted: May 05, 2016
Roarin' Shark Inflatable Pool
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Not only do you not need a kid to get a Roarin' Shark inflatable pool, I would recommend not letting one anywhere near it. Why risk the competition? You can fill it with ice and use it as a beer cooler, or fill it with water and use it as a butt cooler, but as soon as some half-pint with freckles and 4 teeth sees it, he's gonna start whining about how it's supposed to be a kiddie pool and he wants to get in and can you just take the cans, bottles, and your tubby cheeks out so he can splash around as God intended?

The Roarin' Shark adult cooler and cooling pool measures 79" x 78" x 43" and holds 32 gallons, or a 6" height, of water. It comes with a built-in partial sunshade (aka the top of the shark's beasty jaw) and a repair patch.

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