Realtree Camouflage Floating Island

Posted: June 02, 2016
Realtree Camouflage Floating Island
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Don't just commune with nature, blend in with it nestled inside this Realtree camouflage-printed floating island. At least until you, the 3 buddies you've got next to you, and the case of beer and MEGABOOM speaker you've brought along for the trip crank up the volume, haul out the raft-crobatics, and end up puking into the pristine lake your floating island is trying to make you one with. Sorry, duckies and deer, boys' weekend trumps environmentally responsible behavior.

Bestway's Realtree Lake RunnerX4 is made of high-gauge PVC. It has a built-in backrest and cooling mesh bottom for each of its 4 potential occupants. Also built in are a pair of coolers and depressions for snacks, cups, and the addition of a little table. A grab rope encircling the raft makes it easy to get back in after jumping / falling / getting pushed out.

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