Klymit Ultralight LiteWater Dinghy

Posted: June 23, 2015
Klymit Ultralight LiteWater Dinghy
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One thing that does not fit on my back is a Thule roof rack. But thanks to Klymit's LiteWater Dinghy, I can still paddle around remote alpine lakes and rivers that are inaccessible by vehicle and too far away to hike-lug a huge kayak or raft. Not that I will since activities that require leaving cell phone range aren't really my thing, but I could. And if you dig the remote and peaceful waters of the great outdoors, so could you.

The LiteWater Dinghy is a pack raft that weighs just 35 ounces and condenses down to a 4" x 9" load. Klymit collaborated with pro kayakers and packrafters to design the vessel, which sports a calibrated boat shape that tracks water and an ergonomic seating mold that promotes comfort and support while providing excellent paddling leverage.

Klymit calls their LiteWater Dinghy a "game changer." I think another game changer would be to paddle across a river and then get out of your LWD right as a huge gust of wind sweeps past and blows the inflated 2-1/2 pound boat 100-1/2 feet downstream.

Muchas danke to The Man's Man.

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