Inflatable Pink Flamingo Coasters

By: on July 09, 2015
  • Inflatable Pink Flamingo Coasters
  • Inflatable Pink Flamingo Coasters
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If I forgo the purple umbrella is it OK to float my pina colada in one of these inflatable pink flamingo coasters? Let your drinks get in on the same swimmin' pool action as the rest of your sun-soaked self this summer with a set of 12 floating flamingos. Yep, that's right, a whole dozen blow-up birds just itching to class up your favorite body of water while lugging your beers and sodies around on their backs.

The inflatable flamingo coasters measure 7-1/2" in diameter and are calibrated to hold 12-ounce drink cans. Also suitable for use on land, which is where I'd sure as Shinola be spending my whole summer if I lived in the Carolinas.

Want a pink flamingo for your Bud Light and your backside? Check out this 80" giant flamingo pool float.

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Mistaken Lyrics Coasters

$25 - $30 from Amazon »

We've all done it. We've all badgered someone else for doing it. And really, song lyrics misheard, mistaken, and butchered are almost always more fun than what the artists are actually singing anyway....

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Carbon Fiber Race Track Drink Coaster Set

$59.99 from Amazon »

These Carbon Fiber Race Track Drink Coasters are light, fast, and slick. Which is exactly what I myself am going to be long about the 6th beer I set on one of them this 4th of July weekend....

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The CouchCoaster

$19.95 from CouchCoaster »

The CouchCoaster: Because you could throw your back out reaching all the way to the coffee table to get your beer....

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Don't F*ck Up the Table Coasters

$17.99 from Amazon »

No reason to mince words when it comes to protecting the 300-pound cherry wood table you just bought off Craigslist. Don't fuck up the table, Cornelius! It's a fine piece of furniture that deserves better than a surface...

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Coaster Werx Bottle Opener Coasters

$25 - $35 from Coaster Werx »

Coaster Werx answers the call of "Crack one open!" in pretty much every which way you can crack one open. On the flip side of the company's solid billets of aircraft grade aluminum are cork board bottoms embedded with...

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Outdoor Wine Glass Holder

$19.99 from Amazon »

Maybe you don't need outdoor wine glass holders for yourself. I don't. I need outdoor wine glass holders for my girlfriend. So that when we go to see a summer movie in the park on romantic date night she doesn't tip her...

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Iron Man 3 Arc Reactor Coasters

$29.99 from ThinkGeek »

I hope the electromagnetic fields projected by these Iron Man 3 glowing Arc Reactor coasters will keep my drinks safe this holiday season from particulates of snot and saliva ejected by fellow partygoers whose mothers...

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Land Shark Sculpture

$180 from Uncommon Goods »

Shark Week might excite, amaze, and terrify for 7 days, but the Land Shark lawn ornament will do it all. year. long. Tucson Artist Chris Crooks smiths his Great Whites of the back yard by hand from 16-gauge cold rolled...

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Zombie Lawn Flamingo

$13.02 from Amazon »

On the one hand, it's almost time to decorate for Halloween, so a zombie lawn flamingo would be a very wise purchase. And on the other hand, it's always time to class up the front yard, so a zombie lawn flamingo would...

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Comics Coasters

$35 - $60 from Etsy »

Jason and Katie Lister of Apocalypse Fab must know that two of my favorite things in life are superheroes and beverages that sweat rings onto my mama's coffee table. They've made it so now I can have both. Simultaneously....

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Cactus Coasters

$43 from Clive Roddy »

I think Cactus Coasters would make the perfect present for a woman who's: A) your boss or B) your girlfriend of 2 months of less. They're cute, creative, and clever--all the Cs of a thoughtful lady-gift--but not so personal...

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Radioactive Elements Glowing Coasters

$19.99 from ThinkGeek »

Don't worry, these Radioactive Elements Glowing Coasters aren't really radioactive. They won't leach radiation into the icy cold beers they support. ... Or will they? Maybe that Thorium-232 won't just keep the rings off...