Inflatable Floating Water Walkway

Posted: April 16, 2017
Inflatable Floating Water Walkway
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BYOB-squared. That's build your own barge, and then bring your own booze with this inflatable Floating Water Walkway from World of Watersports. The 6' x 10' rafts provide a firm walking(-on-water) surface when firmly inflated, and can connect between 2 boats to extend the party.

Floating Water Walkways also come with a zippered system that allows users to connect them to one another at their 6' ends, so a 6' x 10' raft becomes 6' x 30', or even 6' x 50' private island in the ocean or on the lake.

Walkways are made of heavy-duty 30-gauge PVC with vertical I-beams to provide enough support for up to 6 standing adults.

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