Floating Rope Swing

Posted: June 03, 2012
Floating Rope Swing

A floating rope swing. This seems like the type of toy that forever marks someone as the Rich Kid. When I was little, the Rich Kids had TVs with remote controls and bathrooms they didn't have to share with anyone else. Maybe a bed shaped like a DeLorean. Now though, it's a 13 1/2' ticket to open-water body launching that compounds the thrill of cannonballs, can openers, and belly (or, more likely, back) flops by adding some horizontal trajectory to the vertical plunge.

The rope swing hangs suspended from its own inflatable floating platform, made from 28 oz. marine-grade, reinforced PVC, with a padded galvanized steel frame supporting the swing itself. The structure accommodates Tarzan and Indiana Jones role-playing adventures for swingers up to 250 pounds. An included boarding dock measures 6 1/2' long x 8 1/2' wide, and the entire assembly 22' long x 14 1/4' wide x 13 1/2' tall. Assembly and inflation time with an electric pump runs 45 minutes, and with human lung power, 16.2 hours.

May as well attach the rope swing to an Aqua Jump Eclipse 150, Rave Sports' 65-square-foot water trampoline--it will only cost another $2,500.

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