Caribe Clear Bottom Fishing Kayak

Posted: August 08, 2016
Caribe Clear Bottom Fishing Kayak

The Caribe is a sit-in-top kayak with a prime view of what's down below so you know best when to cast over the side. The one-man fishing boat--or tandem tourer, as the kayak is modular for seating adjustment--comes standard with a transparent hull, giving paddlers an underwater tour without the hassle of a foggy mask, water-logged snorkel, and erratic swim strokes that scare away all the fish.

To maintain the panoramic underside, the Caribe sits kayakers on top of rather than inside its hull. A cockpit is recessed into the top deck, dropped lower than normal for other sit-in-tops, giving paddlers additional stability and comfort, plus reduced jostling when waves hit, along with a 360-degree vista in all directions.

The Caribe measures 12' long and weighs 63 pounds. It has a load capacity of 600 pounds, with a recommended paddler weight of 450 pounds or less. The boat comes in 16 different colors.

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