Butt Buoys

Posted: May 20, 2016
  • Butt Buoys
  • Butt Buoys
  • Butt Buoys
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Were these sweet (cheeked) Butt Buoys used in the making of Weekend at Bernie's? If not, they should have been. Ahhh, nothing screams 80s class louder than a PVC anchor marker fashioned in the shape of an inverted lady's ass. Except maybe covering the ass in a pair of leopard print (raawwrrr!) or star-spangled (4th of July prop!) underwear.

Adding your lakeside neighbor's ire to the delightful tackiness of their design, Butt Buoys are real, usable anchor markers / boat buoys. All you need do is inflate them a bit with a hand pump and set them afloat. The lady parts will then bob juicily as pictured on the open water, or in your swimming pool / spa. Butt Buoy masterminds note you can also use these humps to hold pool and hot tub thermometers.

Butt Buoys measure approximately 12" in diameter and 8" tall.

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