BigSup 10-Person Paddle Board

Posted: March 12, 2017
BigSup 7-Person Paddle Board
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Everyone and their dog can take a paddle 'round the water on Supflex's BigSup. This board is giant at 18' long x 7' wide, and has an equally giant load-bearing capacity of 1,550 pounds, which is 350 pounds more than the elevator in my condo complex. So I trust that when me and 6 of my bros...and one of their dogs...cram onto a BigSup, some nearby busybody won't come running at us as we push off shore yelling that we're in violation of homeowners' association rules and going to bust it.

The BigSup is an inflatable paddle board made of military-grade PVC that Supflex says goes "extremely rigid" when pumped up to just 10 PSI (it can handle up to 15 PSI.) Board weight is 100 pounds, or around 10 pounds apiece when divvied between the 10 people that can fit, paddle, float, and fall off its surface en masse. This kit includes 2 hand pumps for inflation, but paddles are sold separately.

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