AquaClimb Poolside Water Walls

By: on February 19, 2013
  • AquaClimb Poolside Water Walls
  • AquaClimb Poolside Water Walls
  • AquaClimb Poolside Water Walls
  • AquaClimb Poolside Water Walls
  • AquaClimb Poolside Water Walls

Does AquaClimb's addition of a swimming pool to the bottom of a rock climbing wall make the activity less or more likely to score me a ride in an ambulance? Less because when I inevitably fall--repeatedly--I will hit a liquid state of matter instead of a solid one speckled with even harder, protruding masses? Or more because the water below will instill me with a false sense of security that encourages unwise maneuvers and stunts, and also makes my hands slippery, such that when I do plummet up to 23 feet downward to greet the chlorinated ripples it will almost surely be head or spinal cord first? For optimism's sake, let's go with less.

AquaClimb poolside water walls manufacture in editions Classic and Sport. The former--shorter, nubbier, and designed more according to theme park aesthetics--is intended for all ages and a wider range of installation locations, while the latter's increased height and curvature make its added challenge better suited for teens and adults. It also requires installation adjacent to deeper waters. Specs for the AquaClimb Classic include:

  • Four available styles: Spirit, with flat, jewel-toned color block panels; Krystal, with flat, clear panels; Ascent, with textured, pastel panels; and Canyon with textured, earth-toned panels.
  • AquaClimb Classic walls are full modular systems with 4 height and unlimited width options.
  • They are suitable for indoor or outdoor pools.
  • Construction material is 304L Stainless Steel with epoxy coating for wipe clean surfaces.
  • Classic walls have been load tested to withstand 100 mph winds.
  • Climbing holes are textured and non-abrasive.
  • Units arrive preassembled, and have step-by-step guides for installation online. Installation necessitates minimal tools, and the installer will not enter the pool while doing the work, unless he is clumsy and falls.

Additional specs for the AquaClimb Sport walls include:

  • Require pool depths of at least 7 feet.
  • Heights range from 16.4 to 22.9 feet above the water, and units are 6.8 feet wide.
  • Sports are designed with 4 color-coded climbing routes of varying degrees of difficulty.
  • Frames are stainless steel, with options to powder coat the structure in a variety of colors
  • Climbing surfaces are transparent and come in in two finishes
  • My mom says those who attempt to climb them better not be hitting the concession stand for hot dogs and Cherry Icees less than 30 minutes before an attempt.

An alternative for those who never learned to swim, yet still aren't prepared to try their luck with a cliff and belaying, might be the Treadmill Rock Wall.

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