20' Water Trampoline

Posted: March 28, 2016
20' Water Trampoline
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The Aqua Jump Eclipse 200 delivers 124 square feet of bouncy, bouncy, bouncy. And hopefully no broken body parts or concussions when you fall off because this 20' trampoline bad boy also floats. Flips, sky high leaps, twists, and other trampo-tricks gone wrong will send their (lifejacketed and doggie paddle-trained) executer into the big soft hug of water instead of the hard, brutal backslap of dirt.

The Aqua Jump Eclipse 200 needs at least 10' of water to float and support its 3-adult or 6-child capacity. The trampoline extends 36" from the surface, and includes a stainless steel ladder for rejoining the jumping on each time you take a jump off.

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