Woodman's Pal Multi-Use Land Clearing & Survival Tool

Posted: November 13, 2019
Woodman's Pal Multi-Use Axe & Machete

The Woodman's Pal has been in service - US Army service - since 1941, and was a standard issue from WWII through Desert Storm. In official terms, it's a land management multi-tool, but I imagine when you look at the Woodman's Pal you probably see the same things I do: machete! Axe! Sickle hook! Good times in the woods!

The Woodman's Pal here is a 2.0 version of the classic, and indeed it combines all of the above, plus shoveling capabilities, into a single "management tool" you can use to "manage" land-clearing projects, as well as "manage" efforts to survive outdoors should the need arise. With the Woodman's Pal 2.0 you should be well-equipped to chop, cut, trim, prune, split, blaze, brush, clear, build...slash, slice, whack, and gut.

The updated Woodman's Pal has an ash wood handle and leather sheath handmade and finished by Amish craftsmen in Lancaster County, PA. Blades, made of high-carbon steel, are also hand sharpened, as well as treated at temperatures of up to 1500 degrees F for hardness, strength, and corrosion protection.

In addition to the leather sheath, Woodman's Pal 2.0 orders also include a reprint set of 4 original 1940s owner's manuals and an Lansky sharpening tool, rounding out the package as a top gift for a man who loves the outdoors. And land management chores.

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