VSSL Flask Light

Posted: April 11, 2015
VSSL Flask Light
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VSSL and its utility tube babies welcome a new bundle of joy to the family. One that will not only hold your booze, but also light your way out of the dive you take into the bushes behind the IHOP after gulping down too much of it! The VSSL Flask Light is a stainless steel, dual mode flashlight with a 10-ounce flask in the center, and a pair of collapsible shot glasses at the base.

VSSL's first series of gear cylinders centered exclusively around survival and the outdoors. And while very successful as a crowdfunding campaign, more than a few of the products' backers kept asking, "But, can't you make one to hold my moonshine? I need that to survive a zombie attack/camping trip with my girlfriend too!" It was a tall order, but not so tall that VSSL couldn't pack it into a footlong tube.

The VSSL Flask Light is made of a stainless steel body (for drinking safety and flavor preservation) capped an an oil-filled compass at the top and a static/SOS-mod LED flood beam lantern light at the bottom. In between screw-in compartments hold the aforementioned alcohol of your choice, plus trademark flat VSSL discs containing the stainless steel glasses and a bottle opener.

Flask Lights are available to those willing to back the project on Kickstarter through May 4, 2015.

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