Uberfire Emergency Fire Starter

Posted: February 24, 2016
Uberfire Emergency Fire Starter
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Which of the following is true? 1) Uberfire is Uber car service's latest foray, an attempt to overtake city fire departments and dominate worldwide firefighting as they have taxi companies and for-hire transportation. 2) Uberfire is what Dieter from Sprockets calls Fireball. (Who remembers Dieter from Sprockets?) 3) Uberfire is a completely hydrophobic fire starter and emergency fire source packed into a 2-ounce can small enough to fit in any bug out bag, backpack, glove box, or pocket. Spoiler Alert: answer to immediately follow.

It's #3.

Uberfire's design fits into countless emergency and survival scenarios, but it was originally created to assist downed pilots in inhospitable environments. The canister's contents will not absorb water, so they remain combustible even if rained on or submerged. Retailer TOPS Knives says, "It is an excellent source of steady, intense heat that provides the user a means of drying out small tinder within his immediate proximity." The tin's contents light with a single spark, and themselves burn for 20 to 30 minutes. A cotton pad saturated with petroleum jelly is included as well.

Uberfire can be reused as long as contents remain, and said contents will not evaporate after partial use.

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