TOPS Micro Hawk

Posted: February 21, 2016
TOPS Micro Hawk
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The Micro Hawk further proves what they say: good things come in steel packages. The 6.9" axe barely extends the length of a man hand, and won't weigh your belt down more than 13 ounces, but still packs enough tomahawk takedown power to carry as an EDC defensive tool.

Micro Hawk designer Shawn Owens tried to create an axe that would consolidate and exhibit the key traits of a karambit, tomahawk, and knife. Hop hopes the result is a 5/16" thick piece of carved 1095 steel that feels solid and drives with heft during use, but rides virtually unnoticed when stowed in its included Kydex sheath. The Micro Hawk's paracord-wrapped handle provides a more comfortable grip in addition to the material's standard survival applications.

Micro Hawk blade length and cutting edge measure 1.95".

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